LSF16 - Daniel Savio 45RPM

by losonofono



One day, someone will come along and write the big book of funky. When that finally goes down, the way that the Indian music overheard in a bodega is funky in is own way will then be placed as a distant cousin of say, Roger Troutman. in so doing, connections will be made, and among them will be the funky cross-breed that is Skweee.
Rustie and Joker know Skweee. It's obvious in their basslines. To spell it out, the mental picture that would work for most who have not heard the funk from the far north would be that Skweee is that flavor blown up big in the purple wow form of Dubstep, typically at around hip hop pace, crossed with a bit of 80's electro rap. Of course, at the same time, this would do nothing in the way of defining 70% of the records released in the Skweeediverse. Yes, it often possessess bits of R&B, electro, Disco rap, techno, and boogie, but in a way that can only be called skweee. You kinda know it when you hear it.
Which is much the same with Daniel Savio, the man who coined the phrase, and has consistantly worked inside (and outside) the style since then, both as the aformentioned non de plume, and with his more cosmic disco tinged/ b boy edit tinged productions under the name Kool DJ Dust, which garners just as much love in its own circles. Each of the tracks here offer a form of this new funk called Skweee thus unheard from the lands of nord.
If a member of Tri-lamb happened to also have the last name Mantronix, maybe the song to win the greek council at the end of Revenge of the Nerds would have been "Nighmare food". on the B Side, we have "Sleeping wit' Fish", a bubbly squelch of synth skweeedom, spelled as such because, as Daniel says (and Jamie Lee Curtis too) "I from Sveden".


released April 15, 2010



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